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Monday, January 30, 2006

On Duties & Rights

  1. Only persons can be subject of duties & rights
  2. All rights have corresponding duties - every “claim” in justice has an offsetting “due”
  3. All rights & duties flow from the eternal law
  4. God has only rights corresponding to duties imposed by Him
  5. Man’s rights are rooted in God’s rights - also giving rise to corresponding duties of his fellow man and society to respect his due rights
  6. Persons can never be the object of right (e.g., evil forms of slavery)
  7. The term of a right is the person with the corresponding duty
  8. The object is the matter of the right (e.g., right to life)
  9. Rights can arise under different titles or reasons
  10. Rights & Duties can never contradict but only apparently - God can not contradict Himself
  11. Rights have limits - ceasing to be a right at the point where a conflicting duty arises that is superior

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